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which time a fistula will have formed. This fistula closes

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"accessory food substances" in which fruits are sup-

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an appeal to praisworthy ambition — a promise of success to

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appear strange that the microbic nature of sarcoma and carcinoma

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a reference to the original source of information, it

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fied, of a reddish-blue color at the centre of the swell-

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lesions of the spinal cord, following the administration of 100 grams

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It may also be well to swab out the cervical canal with 2 in 1000

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any beneficial results from any of them, and have long ago ceased to prescribe

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conceptions and desires, nor any other psychological act, have anything to

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understood that this condition may be mistaken for a pontine haemorrhage.

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by Schaudinn in 1903, as Ameba dyscnterica histolytica.

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John Liddell, M.D., C.B., F.R.S.; A. B. Garrod, M.D.,

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eight years old, was seen outside the hospital shortly

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days after inoculation ; injections into the meninges of dogs produce a

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troops from the West, was in England a few months, then in

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movements may take place with certainty aud without

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reader will certainly misunderstand them. Generally, also, a downright fact maybe told in a plain

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A great deal was said about the scientific character of the paper and

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the pain of this operation, about which so much has been written both by

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to manifest themselves in the larger joints of the extrei^nj

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iiowever, depends upon its early detection, and prompt

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few movement of the toes. This holds good for cases of functional

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lids, it will be obvious that this is not the best situation for the

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in hand. The more such a physician studies into the inevitable

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on the inner aspect of the thigh ; there was no fever ; the part was

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alphabetical arrangement will render this easy. It is

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Utterly unobtrusive in his manners, no one would suspect the mine of

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view, for, as he shows, the ova are furnished with temporary teeth, which

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could get the patient to the operating room and sterilize the

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wards reviewed in the sixth volume of the Dubhn Journal of Medical

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