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Promethazine Codeine Syrup Is Used For

In toxic amblyopias, mercury hastens the elimination of the
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individual power of modifying the general process when it is itseK afiected.
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death after diphtheria than the action of the diph-
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3,000 words in length, and must be presented in English. Duplicate typewritten copies, double
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•Read before Roanoke Academy of Medicine, Adenoma of the thyroid is where the acini
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from the heart toward the individual parts. "If one
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scalp wound, and can be safely removed again after three days.
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To the Editor of The Philadelphia Medical Journal : —
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place, and that, consequently, any annual differences there
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affections of the bronchial tubes. I first learned its
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Goldscheider, P. Marie, Hess, and Bartsch. An argument which has
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1894. Dalbt, John Lyttlston, M.B.C.S., 13, Buckingham-road, Brighton.
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to that end. One man has an executive, business-like mind, while
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of pleuritic fluid tends to attract it more and more towards the affected
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cal practice. The great and wise men of the country are opening their
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Schools who for the sake of medical research so cordially aided us.
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urgent need of using means for its restoration ; for that will generally
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7. Let the patient sit up in bed 2 weeks after opera-
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surface of the body being exposed. Patients not confined
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hours he would eventually arrive at some distant, one-room log house, warmed bv
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and compared it to the cuckoo building no nest of its
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lysis and peihaps insanities. There are a great variety of ways in
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distil off most of the spirit, and evaporate what remains to the
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one, is the extirpation of the angioma. Here we have to deal with
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project, protects against injury, but still allows free move-
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Two cultures of Micrococcus catarrhalis. which were found to be quite re-
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