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and backward with great force against the heart and
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a foot presentation. She was an extremely passionate
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' The last report of the Lunatic Asylum at Xortliampton, Mass.« for 1870,
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H. F. Jadis alias Gardner might be a ten-and-a-half months child. (»au
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the miscarriage has had some pelvic trouble, and was treated by Dr.
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Now they may be grouped according to the metastases, for
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extracted an alkaloid from the leaves of erythroxylou coca. In 1857
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of Medicine. He Is survived by his widow and by one
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indebted merely to fortuitous circumstances for a death-rate
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while to test his urine for arsenic. It is true that he has no arsenical keratosis,
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faculty of this institution, he was always honest, honorable,
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3. Subcutaneous or hypodermatic injection is suitable
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pi., 6 ch — VastrcbofT (I.) "Tempyeng" ill korelskaya
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Although the x-ray examination is of highest impor-
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hospitals and dispensaries of a great city. Nor is it
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enough of it is ab^rbed to accomplish its wholesome
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the lacquer, or through the fumes arising from it by evaporation,
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left the hospital in good condition^ though in four of the
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the tampon forward very gently ; it cannot always be
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aim of scientific medicine to-day. The public should
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parts only, or the whole organ, affected by the change. The deposits
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type of isolate criterion is not much help in evaluating
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attendance physicians of their own choice, will not be entitled to the general
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treatment is surgical. — Aiuials of Gynecology and Pedi-
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cerebral hemispheres. It is a pity that a journal so
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pelvis require treatment according to location. They

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