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bacillus into the stomach," or " it may be that some element in fish food
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If we analyse carefully the numerous processes of wliicli
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dence that the head must have been about out of the
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education and experience, we dread to encounter ; and
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Histology. The histology has been investigated by Elliot, myself,
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interstitial nephritis, largely because of the absence of oedema and the fact
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'• In nothing did the various cases differ so much as the manner
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view to favoring suppuration, but to search carefully for some
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knowledge of anatomy and physiology to the divine. It is admitted by
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the skin. I understand that a portion of the skin was removed in the early
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of blood in a fluid state Avere collected. There was a loose coagulum of a slightly
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up the eosinophiles tend to persist. The septic factor, such as we
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tensity of m:ignetism diminish; the barometer falls; the tlier-
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to the destruction and consequent disappearance of the lymphogenic cells.
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period of tim.e (1 to 3 months) constituted evidence of cure and the
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great fashionable midwifery physician, Sir James Simpson, at the
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different plan of treatment. The persistence of the dis-
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ratus, which takes care of the food after it has been properly mixed,
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The radial artery, with some of the surrounding tissues, sloughed in a few
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State dues remain the same — 25 cents, while county
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measure of its strength. The paludal poison, however, of tropical
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childhood or infancy was to be found in the suscejatibility of that
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to an anatomy of the cat; yet a country' bumpkin, sans brains, sans
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life forces. The heart strike becomes feeble and threatens to fail
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lungs : and he was thus led to the successful application of ffalvanittn in the treatment of habitual
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right lobe of the liver, and descended very low to form the
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these cases and some of his own. There were some cases recorded by Higier,
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The condition of the heart in the thirty-two nephritic cases is shown
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throughout the organ, lined for the most part by pavement epithelium,
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same general ideas have been presented to the profession

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