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sachusetts, parents are allowed to send a child of ten
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Ann. del'Inst. Pasteur, Par., 1897, xi, 670. . Remarks
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the sympathetic nerves and ganglia. The question of
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Description. — A coarse, greenish-yellow, pungent powder.
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ant surgeon (1886-89); those at the New York were under
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sense of relief. To maintain a low temperature, seven
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ferred to by Dr. Reynolds. One was a case of delivery
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this same cardiac tonic will be the means of neutralizing to
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the wall of the pharynx during the act of deglutition itself, and thus prevents
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city with a population of 296,908, there are 596 physi-
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cured fissure of months' standing by means of local
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degradation, so that blood, raw meat, or filth may be eaten ; the tongue is
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so that a large amount of sewage is still poured into
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in tiie thousand, and constant irrigation was kept up
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pathic treatment She improved each time after the treatment, but
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into a structure formed entirely of large polymorphous cells, whose epithelial
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gestation ; and it is probable that in no two is it necessarily the same.
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Histologically the process is marked by oedema of all the coats
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others declare that what the defendant did was con-
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which will in older patients bring about such transformation after a brief
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In acute diseases, as pneumonia, these antipyretics may be
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cal entertainments, operas, and concerts at the two Casinos (" Le
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editorials or other articles when signed by the author.
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powers conferred by Act of Parliament, law, or custom.
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the joint, again in the calf of the leg, now in the ankle, again in the heel,
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Thirdly, that the malarious poison was fostered and intensi-
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as far as possible, should be encouraged, and if convenient a sojourn at the set-
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infrequently observed on the chest and back. It is composed
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Squibb's chloroform, against mid-dorsal surface of left band, fre-
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from it." Examine, for a moment, the motives of those
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j scybala in the rectum or sigmoid colon, the result of
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running into the common chemical changes and decompositions of animal
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3 The increased opsonic activity of the serum is readily destroyed
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present. I wish in this connection to state that an ovum measuring 16x11x11
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light sanguine irritation, simply augmenting its nutritive actions,
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F. and higher, a 1 to 10,000 solution at this temperature
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is, in fact, an elaboration of the articles in the late Year Bools
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