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nance; pulse 132, and very strong, carotid arteries beating violently; puj^ils
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resorption of the engorgement still present ; (r) in cases
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are unable to control the natural volcano, we have it M'ithin
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dition of " Vasa praevia," and their laceration had resulted in
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affected side. This is oftentimes due to the fact that the fallopian
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two Physicians in exact accordance with that which, when
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hours afterward a teaspoon of pus was present at the site of the
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diseases of the larynx, and to recognize, with Dr. Gibb, a supra-glottic and
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Obstetrics." Did space permit, I might cite other interesting
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uterine and placental bruits and cord murmurs), described in text-books on obstetrics,
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occasional rftle, the lungs were free. The heart was sligfatiy
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nearly every State in the Union. It is odious that the
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the body of the uterus, so as to restore its preponderance over
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veritable intuitions. Thus Marcus Terentius Varro, in his " Eerum
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were already yellow. The urine was high-coloured, and con-
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implies, of course, that the stereo-configuration of the assimilated mole-
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me that something has been gained by the persistent ad-
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Phenoresorcine is not only an efficient and valuable
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The fact that diphtheritic exudation occurs in otlier
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supposed to be clinically undistinguishable from the ordinary form. The
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As to the method of killing these organisms, it is stated that " They
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patient for my opinion, I again repeated, and in the presence
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occur. In such cases, the intestines and the amnion have
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eases the first irritation being in the stomach, the &kin, is at first
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While rickets itself is never fatal, infants with rickets seem
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evidently thought their husbands in the i the last fortnight, M. Bouverie, at the In-
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so far as possible and expedient, shall precede the filing of formal charges
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May 15th, 1839.— Miss Ellen Moreen, of Bath, Me., came under toy
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rhage. The agitation of the messenger (her daughter) was so great
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This new system, with proper provision against waste, will
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case, of a small portion of Opium (289). Turpentine

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