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supposed that the apothecary, in our sense of the word,

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arrest attention at once, and it has given rise to the familiar nam©

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following directions for exploration of the urethra for as-

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throughout the South in collecting materials for " Memoirs of

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portant, therefore, to encourage in these persons a more active outdoor

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being frequent and sharp, together with the evident determination to

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fat becoming absorbed, but it is doubtful if true atrophy

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Activity is health — the two are inseparable. We all of us realize

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It is right and fitting that some formality be associated with

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January 19, 1909: Still has discharge from left ear. The following is a

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of acute inllammation of the peritoneum following perforating ulcers, the

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obviated. Certainly, to remove all uteri in women at this age who have

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emaciation seem to have been produced by it. In a very few instances

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and on September 2d, having seen the case several times in

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nalis for Secondary Tubercular Disease.— By J. A. Hutch-

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In a sclieme of health assurance, it becomes a ques-

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no magnifying power was able to discover distinct points, the spectra

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paper, and the reader at once that the au-

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It proved to be of the ileo-caecal variety. Disinvagination

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one year. It is not like any other you have ever taken.

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conveyed to the medical wards of St Francis, where they

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I apprehend that there may be a diversity of opinion

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to the number of the infected cells. While this is true in a general

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be unimpaired, the appetite keen, even voracious, but the rule is that

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greater part of the abdominal cavity, and may even descend into the pelvis.

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or very young white rats, which may be assumed to be

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it up as inconvenient. It would seem that blood and irrigation fluid

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colour. The cancer is moderately firm, much raised, the surface

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Gynecologic Surgery, Errors, Safeguards, Salvage . 375

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it is highly desirable to inquire how the schools can be put upon the best

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