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21, 1888. The pain was regarded as due to indigestion, and

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in railway service in the future is to have all applicants for em-

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of blood, ought to teach us, that an excited state of the arterial pulsation*

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head was, however, livid; the lips strongly ecchymosed, and the

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common type of the class to the peculiarities marking the individual.

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pv(lsB!:isrIiWQaktiidTrliithef second it may _be_ full

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than one would expect would cause death, leading to the

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by these hot dressings, is simply immense. One of the best, and most

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favor organisms commonly encountered in putrefactive stool speci-

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Davis, Richard Mogan, George Pierson, Rachel Hart, John Pierce.

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''On the Infective Product of Acute Inflammation" from the

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conditions necessary for the transmission of the mur-

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By J. Bell Pettigrew, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S., F.R.C.P.Ed., Laureate

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Case IV. — Mr. Jones resected the knee-joint in the case

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host. The male worm is unknown. The worm has an inexplicable affinity

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43. — Hrach. Darmperforationen infolge von Typhusge-

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dose ought to be repeated in an hour, if the vomiting and purging have not

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tendencies. Observe usual precautions in impaired renal or

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mum, that there may not be circumstances in which the

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of the corresponding parasite in the blood. This is, at times, exceed-

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City of New Haven. In 1901 he was appointed by Governor

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artery, the formation of a coagulum at its mouth, the inflamma-

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premises as well as with the herd at the pasture fields.

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the superficial veins (external pudic, epigastric, and cir-

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Sir, — I have the honor to inclose herewith, for the informa-

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years and a half of age, presented for the last few months all the rational

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and sleep-walking, or somnambulism, all degrees may occur. The

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