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amongst the zymotic diseases, because, although we fully
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a member from this dty, is entitled, << An act to repeal the
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Prophylaxis. — See remarks with reference to the European type.
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Mice are the most susceptible, and die in from twenty-four to
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is of the greatest practical importance. It is, strictly speaking, not
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reason for this "absurd" (?) objection. An unsigned article
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Oedema, especially about the ankles, is to be looked for in all the
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effused. Did this effusion issue from .complicated bodies called
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Reciprocity with Canada. Commission on Public Policy, December 12,
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and generally leaving the macula intact, and proved by the microscope to be
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tering births fails to record a large percentage of the actual nativity,
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moved bj a radical operation. In ease of chronic mastitis in a
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these children was a vegetable diet, exercise and fresh
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from 24 to 48 hours. At low temperatures the glycerin has practically
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The Council authorized a mail survey of a random sam-
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Something has been done, and more is being done, by private
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ment proved to be almost absent or at least inactive in the saliva.
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tuted and the pulse improved markedly. Delivery was
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sembling when diluted that of stale tobacco smoke. It had the consistency
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of its proving successful. He believed also that other
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Dr. Christenson was born at Starbuck, Minnesota, May
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While, it is clear in the normal dog's heart conduction from the
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movements may take place with certainty aud without
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duration is always about the same. For example, a medical friend of the
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merce, but of late years the supply has grown smaller,
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held, respectively, at Decatur, 111., January 25, 1882, at Fort
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layers of the choroid, and between the latter and the sclerotic.
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more readily than vegetable. Still a certain proportion of vege-
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complex pattern of responses in lower doses than required to produce periph-
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quent, the hemorrhage being usually small. This event generally denotes
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" which relates exclusively to (the army surgeon's) private
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