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Medical Record, the Medical Mirror, and the Medical
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fession, which, by the way, has lent so much towards the interest
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upĀ« The court of the new building at Cfaarenion is of aa
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reporting of fatal and dangerous anesthetizations. To his personal knowledge
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quently been the seat of ulcerations. The only opera-
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514. The stock of alcohol, alcoholic liquors, opium, and the salts,
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is in the epigastrium ; but pus may burrow and find
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recently. I hope, therefore, that the recent muscular atrophy
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are very fond of elderberries, and will climb the trees in search of
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enlisted personnel. The ratios for the Army Medical Service were
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cultures that the blood serum acquired marked curative action. After
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saccharine alimentary substances, but as a constant secretion. As vegetables
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Goitre and its Surgical Treatment Dr. C H. Mayo, Rochester.
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neuritis mucli subsided, and mental iitate natural, two months after. The
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of carcinoma. It is, however, usually easy to diagnose chloroma from
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hemorrhagic pancreatitis. This hj-pothesis is supported by the following
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toxin is still. uncertain; and much work butterfly. It was the people who were
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general practitioneri?, who need a concise but com-
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These facts support or coincide with our \ and will resist all kinds of local treatment,
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reference to the reduction of fractures by manipulation, we read that
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lay their eggs usually in the down of the under sides of the
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symptoms occur within a week or ten days after the ingestion of tricU-
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arresting bleeding consist in subsulphate of iron, tannin, alcohol, ice,
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Nursing Mothers - Studies conducted in lactating women have shown that
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head. (Glycosuria which can be removed by dietetic treatment
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were from Case 17 of the first epidemic. One came originally from
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bringing myself before my professional brethren with a view to future
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as a result of sleeping in. a house or hotel during a temporary
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than the coat of the intestines, and the mucous membrane of the
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varying power of allowing fluid to pass, either by a shrinking of the cellular
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charcoal no larger than a small pea. Holding the bag
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ed midwives from practicing. The Sentinel, as you will perhaps
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chapter siipjioiis s(\(i,il well mended parties during the couise
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As the subject of axis-traction forceps seems to be at-
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should be kept in well closed bottles. This paper was formerly
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It will be noted in the above abstract that Trotter admits in his
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the restaurant in Kragujevatz. From this time onward there began to

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