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larger patients, and the sheet bath may be substituted to
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Why pneumonia and the other diseases named should be increas-
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in the uterus. Steinschneider demonstrated that after the gonococci had
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his body and its requirements ; and when he falls sick he
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mother, sifter and brother all have the same form i if catarrh.
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which it is written, the immiensity and variety of the subject, and, it
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in December of the same year he lost his voice again. He was first seen
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child new articular facets (nearthroses) are developed.
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The world to-day wants men who say and do things, not by
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encountered it. Our clinical and Roentgen observations correspond
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We have observed in the beginning of these remarks, that the cause
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secretion from the throat. Now under these circumstances also,
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nothing was done. During his seventh year, the testis, having
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was graduated from the Hahnemann Medical College, Philadelphia, In
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make to Dr. Weber's treatment that has not been touched on by
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After the diagnosis is fully established it is not desirable to make
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but clear statement of each case when she comes for the first time
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twitching and contraction, while the patient's power of volimtarily
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of the larynx and trachea without demonstrable exudations or
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Berl.,1879, ii, 33-59.— Chambers (E."W.) Exantliematous
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15. Studsgard. — 128 cm. (4 ft. 3 in.) jejimum for
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Watson, William Spencer, Esq., Surgeon, of Montague Street,
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" In tracingthe progress of a case of acute dropsy occurring as a consequence
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on a board and cutting to shape with a knife. The length
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garded more in the light of a very important early symp-
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under circumstances iclwre this c/)ntractility is wanting,
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preciating the uselessness of further procedures, the
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or the formation of cavities, and then proceeds to recom-
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on 24th April, and his tally was inscribed — " G.S.W. : thigh R."
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Ftrnt Krami nation. — Physics, chemistry, medical
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"While thus unable to attach much importance to the enunciation here made
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they altogether resembled the father; who was not only a re-
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more to come and many will be in the political arena. He
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usually the easiest to diagnose is Colles' , but I exhibited these pictures
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sona who have undergone a careful mercurial treatment, has converted
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Sarcoptidc-e (pp. 893-894); Strongylidte ((53-54), p. 1271); Tjeniadje (pp.

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