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overcome, morning sickness of pregnancy; hurries on tardy men-

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as to get at the real facts. There are some things the friends or

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one of the evidences of fluid in the pleural cavities.

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necessity for rapidity as formerly, when the patient con-

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our dreams are made"; or as "quarreling about the pri-

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be about the size of the uterus at the sixth month of gestation.

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Professor of Obstetrics and the Diseases of Women and Children.

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bone of contention among anatomists, but after this able

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clearly shown by the eyes, the orbital muscles and the tissues

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Now, Cullen's old favorite saying, ^Hhat Medicine was

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matism, especially when the skin is dry and the joints tender and

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has been thought, and that the essential element of success is

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believed, however, that it will prove of value to physicians who

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of originality, and as clearly showing that the mind which produced it is

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our consideration such remedies as echinacea, baptisia, chlorate

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the quantity of urine, and causes the tongue and skin to be-

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at least two years before this period. And again, Oviedo

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