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in diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and perhaps some

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hood, adolescence, and adulthood, for as long as growth

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ical Professor of Medicine, University of Utah School

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the abdomen was distended and she vomited large quantities of a brown

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fluids with a considerable degree of quantitative accuracy.


r Hi, u. ivii|^iaiiu|^ xiiaiiBuauL ptvroLaiii; Luiut/t i^ciio t/ubatu^Tu xiv/iu

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l).."in<; i),ly the pro.lnet that is fi-st f.)ntio(l. Tlius. pyrimi.lino mav

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quoted: “Protruded from anus. At about 1 inch from

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At the upper extremity the tumor projects over the surface of mucous

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San Luis Obispo, Madera, Fresno, Kings, Tulare, Kern, and Merced.

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the rciiulation auain^t cold, allhouirli distincll.x less eflicient than normal,

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receive Ntiiiinli from tlic outside, ami > et otliers to compose the touirli' i-

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She was of Eussian- Jewish parentage. There had been 11 children,

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Camp prenatal supports are unique in that the overstrap with its buckle (through which

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Siiir,. il is clcMl-l.v i'vliilili>lM'.l tluit tlic iiillviMl -1:111. Is ;ir.' iiidispiMisMl'l'

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showing other diseased conditions. For Instance, In actinomycosis where Isolated foci

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from inspection by the Secretary of Agriculture. Only farmers, and retail butchers or

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doctor was begun from two to four weeks after the on-

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will decline further inspection is farfetched and without foundation in fact, the demand

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nite pathological significance, is well illustrated by the following

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Klein, Harry A St. Louis Lange, Adolph C St. Louis Lonsway, Maurice J Clayton

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on which meat-inspection stamps appear, there shall be placed, under the supervision of a

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or benefit by such service, then will there be small

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likewise was normal. Exploratory laparotomy was de-

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fested in the generation next following the treatment of the medium.

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ifl\ eopen. For the same reasons, dilTer.nees in the pereentaKc amount -

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like abdomen, fever (101 F.), tachycardia (126) and

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The uninjected kidney, removed 38 days after the original operation,

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First Meeting — Sunday, March 14, 1948 — 2:00 p. ni.

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to pass a stomach tube but each time the tube entered the trachea. The

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carpets and upholstered furniture and blown into the air

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