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spontaneously, and local as well as general treatment
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are invited to a discussion upon so old a subject as
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He left the hospital at his own request August 10th, the Wound not yet being healed,
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medical men depends less upon what passes during the period even
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cases i[] which instruments have been wont to be placed,
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of movement of the occiput backwards and forwards is thus
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sions or laws which are capable of explaining them, and therelty satisfying
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of the brain. It proceeds into the upper portions of the ven-
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the dorsum of the foot. Paralysb causes more or less interference with the act
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the quantity of blood contained in the vessels, the elas-
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How about family medical problems — ^Aunt Tilhe's
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external to the left nipple; on the right by a point one
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Cultural experiments have been carried out successfully by Novy
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blades, and two others on either side of the neck behind, reach-
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mission should issue to report upon the present state of the
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the Medical Department of the University of Buifalo.
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moist, yellowish-white fur. Pharyngitis appears early and there is pain
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Experiment 281 : Illustrating the effects of the Continuous Inhalation of Hydrogen Ous. — Maybsak,
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(P. C.) Report of cases of yellow fever occurring at Cairo,
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Honck says that all the cattle placed on board the 'Tonning'
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pursued his vocation as salesman since his illness, except for
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of purification of water. At that time it took from from fifty to ninety
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her efforts in that direction, she has turned her attention to the blind,
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perfect a union may be. if the attachment is to a tissue
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creased in typhoid fever as in the frank inflammatory diseases. The
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from symptoms which, in other cases, are the forerunners of con-
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notes of cases of Bright's disease I have been struck with the frequency of
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at which time there were 84,600 leukocytes. On December 26,
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the risk of duct injury from over inflation or rupture of
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f germ life as is often found in milk. Compared with sewage, for
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almost as one, at their junction with, and for a short dis-
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in the skin or bones, that the first diagnosis becomes questionable. In
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so as to retain much of their valve-like action, and
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systemic circuit, thus practically permitting a cessa-
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electricity, there is no use in continuing the treatment of that muscle, as
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heat for 5 minutes at a temperature ranging from 55-65° C. Several
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Traumatisms, such as falls, blows, gymnastic exercises, etc., etc.,
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sexual criminal, both white and black, is a savage and
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