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and salted fish might be used as a substitute. " Substitutes

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ends of one or both carotids of the animal, whose cerebral

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was found in 8 eyes. The largest was 13 mm. , which occurred

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decidedly lower in the ophthalmic than in the main seliool.

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lowest rib. The inoculation of the first vaccine is made from

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serving and Examining Diseased Tissues. By Francis Delafield, M.D.,

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served, and it may be that increased experience is diminishing some-

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600 or BOO yards, of its simplicity in use, and of its strength and excellence

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that many of the epithelial cells lining the cysts contained

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rate. This experiment was repeated again and again with

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least a third in llio middle and upper classes were insured.

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*#* Dr. Haughton is not a member of the Medical Aid

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