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Bacteriology. — The colon bacillus is commonly present; streptococci,
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a part of our subject which will be considered here-
watch has been kept for the appearance of postoperative lung
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Jour, of Physiology, Vol. 16, 1894. By Dr. A. B. Maeallum.
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of these affected the nervous system, liver, and kidneys. They consisted
receptive and emissive centres of the brain, probably in the
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Were we only in the possession of remedies which produced
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are in five parts. Part 1 contains bilingual readings containing
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lyzed. The first four cases had no stimulants; they all got
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the patient, a few clays before, was stooping to raise something heavy from the
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large percentage of the pupils at Milwaukee who enter fully equipped to
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cavities without evil consequences. It entered above the left
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middle cerebral artery. Rupture; extravasation of blood
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of the chest, and the feebleness and even sometimes
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made by Longcope at the Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, very
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Committee will also present a resolution commending the
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A necessary preliminary to the intelligent treatment of
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periesthesia " or " irritable bladder " is in almost every case
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to the medical profession in getting" up this volume.
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* British Medical Journal, August 2V, 1003, p. 449.
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ous weeks of the disease. The third week gives, as is
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AVhen a vein is wounded it bleeds largely, but only
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milk. He collected durino- the year ended June 30, 11)07, 4,1)()0 sam-
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such examination. These are its words : " The man who should
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air contained in it, may continue the vibrations that impinge on
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per year. In these cases the hospitals collect small fees from
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mother's death was her fault. She feared to face her mother's
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aides, an effusion of serum into the thoracic during the night, but is still very restless
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both for the number of its patients and the general
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during evacuation. An allopathic physician was called, and
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way. She told him to go up stairs and go to bed ; that she thought he
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I am sorry to say I can only describe from memory, and show
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gate the socket with a solution of hydrogen peroxide,
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amount of personal magnetism, an apt student of human nature, and ac-
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I called to see her and found that, imder the influence of mor-
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has made hospitals possible. A training school for nurses is as indispen-
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obtained in spite of careful technic, and this may account for the differ-
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the circulation. This is also equally true of other organs — the appendix,

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