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in the direct track from the abdomen. Originally there was,
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alveoli. What the exact nature of this substance is we are
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immediately concerned in ; to say nothing of the consultation
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springing from below the cords. Externally and posteriorly
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points of greatest torsion, and thus the appendix may be
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Catholic University Medical School ; A. A. Peel, Queen's College,
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and for tlie most part mere diagrams. The book is of interest
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leprosy, and all sorts and conditions of men were list-
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Bailliere, Tindall, and Cox. 1893. 8vo, pp. 72, Is. 6d.)— The
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tact with him, and an ardent worker. He made himself
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The highest zymotic death-rates were recorded in Duodee, i^Libgow. aud
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seen how desirable it is that, with the ordinary and less deli-
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reticulum might occasionally be made out. More usually
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Elimsches Hecepttaschenbuch (Prescription Pocket Book for
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which it had been demonstrated that in fatal cases of over-
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empty, and that the cylinder was to take its place in the stand. The de-
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approximated, so I united the rest of the thickness of the
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lations are readily induced on looking upwards ; especially
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Cases and specimens were shown by Dr. Jacob, Dr. Helliee,
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auean rate iu the first quarters of the preceding ten years. The birth-
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Metropolitan Asylums Hospitals, whichhad been 3,407 and3,liis at the end
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stance of the tongue was held between them. This was un-
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London ; Dr. J. H. Ashworth, Halstcad; Dr. P. J. Allan, London ; Pro-
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blood corpuscles. It was sue-gested that, for temporary pur-
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efficiency as possible. It is not handed over pro rata to local
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Apiil 19t,h; KoBEttT Mc VOR, SUfl" sur^eon, to the B'lr/tam, May 2nd;
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Budden, T. F., Cambridge>nd Uhi- Houghton, M. J., Birmingham and
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dresses, we find that 9 other cases lived in houses in
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glands, the two taken from a guinea-pig are finely minced,
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service, entered the navy as a Surgeon in July, l>t4S. was promoted to
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Indian plants wliieh have attained a considerable reputation
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was exposed at the bottom of the abscess cavity. This was
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dition of the vertebrfe at the time of operation indicated con-
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fore, that the author has had to do with one of the most diffi-
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here is wliether Dr. Anderson, whose capacity for public
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countries. The association of the books under review is an
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brown asthma inhaler weight gain
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^layg, but never longer than a week, and then the pupil is

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