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in ninety-one, or about twenty-five per cent., were of mal-

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Workers in worsted and wool .... 175 cases, 47 deaths = 26.8% mortality

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free TJseof Tartarized Antimony. — The subjoined cases occurred recently in the

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The consumption of walnuts by a country boy at his inter-

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considered to have vacated his position as Delegate."

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Jenkins, P. O, Roxobel, Univ. and Bellevue, 1873 1885 1905

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• distribution of patient education brochures and posters;

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stains more feebly than in the lymphocytes, and with

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but consisting of wave lengths longer, j^horter, or in a different direc-

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uve a greater curvature forwards at the upper part, and are turned

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Pharmacology, Therapeutics, Medicine, Hygiene, Dietetics, Pathology, Surgery,

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spinatus muscle had torn off a large portion of the great tuberosity of the

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In chronic constipation, the various forms of colitis,

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still doubtful what is their projicr significance. Cowan, who has

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pressure from dislocation of a vertebra, or from a tumor or growth

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ates in the lobules and the hepatic vein commences in them. The

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The nature of the degeneration is undoubtedly different in different cases.

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Manson : The Goulstouian Lectures ou the Life -History of the Malarial Germ

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X-ray there is an adjunct of unquestionable value if properly given.

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140, abdomen more distended, vomiting; hot turpentine stupes were

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air-sacs are dilated and atrophied, and so rendered liable to rupture from ei*

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whatever remnant of unsoundness bo left, it continues ever

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lumbar puncture below complete spinal subarachnoid block. J

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for the person probably falls dead, or such painful

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still further elaborated. A number of the old illustrations have

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Definition. — Inflammation of the lining membrane of the heart. The

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the whole party, he fled aw^ay. From these he ran to a party

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drops or fiitty granules in abundance within the sarcolemma. This d^e»

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and nearly transverse. He was a very old wrinkled man,

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May 25-27: Annual meeting, American Thoracic Society,

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perfect fibrinous adhesions here and there throughout

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and the high temperature of September are chiefly noticeable, the former in

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be somewhat large, a little displaced downwards, and in a markedly

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well received by his brethren and by the large circle in which he

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