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distresvsing symptom. This may be relieved temporarily by the injection
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infection. Again, persons after contact with cases of clinical
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extremely delicate and at the same time very easy to read. So
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or iron, requiring them to be conjoined with diuretics, diaphoretics,
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to give up arsenic, although it may sometimes be borne by beginning with
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given massage and perhaps appropriate hydropathic treatment. Weir
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of the secretions and excretions — a blood-poison, thus manifesting
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has since been in continual use, for six days in the week, and for
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remedies. He was invited to put them to a similar test.
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wounds, is much diminished, if not prevented, by having the
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vanized at the neck. If the dyspnoea is of cardiac origin, heart stimulants
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to increase the draught in the vents by contracting the chimneys at
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The effect of large doses of antibody causing an increase of hem-
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The food should be appetizingly prepared and served, and should
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other form is tolerant of mineral waters containing it. [The most repre-
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mouth, or, in the case of morphine, by the rectum (0.02 G. (l^ gr.)
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treatment than that afforded by screens and grit chambers. The
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traces of a chill, which soon gives way to the above-mentioned pleasant
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zein with the guinea-pigs from the same breeder, and investigation
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so carefully carried on and with so many positive results, that there
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guinea-pigs. It was with such an end in view that the following
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projected in the middle line of the calf, covered by the dural
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giving orders to send for me in case of a recuiTcnce of the fits, and
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is pressed forwards against the pubes, it is also pressed downwards
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some persons may harbor perfectly harmless non-virulent bacilli.
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in the teeth, to which they give rise ; but that we would probably
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toneally. Received 0.5 c.c. extract subcutaneously January 25, 30, February
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should be nearer together and less abundant than normal, and that little
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Magnus and Friedenthal« state that the press juice of Agaricus campestris con-

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