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stools, so that we have no account of blood-stained faeces. The great

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of the comb had punctured a small vesicle, giving issue

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while in the same period at the Trousseau it was 32 per cent.

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runs. A similar principle is applicable to other industries. In like

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tem, viz., within the portal vein, but more abundantl}' within the hepatic

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pation and percussion. In some cases the enlarged organ extends up-

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I Cat of Hair-Pin in the Mole Urethra was reported by Dr. S. II. Dur-

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his main trends of interest. A system of ethics could

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of prophylactic value ; human milk ; fresh thoroughly recognized. As a conse-

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for the city that a voluntary system of notification should be

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plains by supposing that the lumen remained constant, but

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torn open some three inches on its external aspect. I made every possible

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during convalescence, for the buoyant elevations of the syft^

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unequal distribution of power in the motor apparatus of the eye ; and

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laxation of the extension. A few who are extremely ner-

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understood at a distance of several, if not many, feet. The

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before the discovery of leucocythemia was made, although, on looking back upon

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little face continues and the emaciation progresses, and the

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the radial artery is large and thick, with rather low pressure and

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tioned the fact that there in a given time they had had

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himself. The possibilities of the treatment in con-

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this parasite, it is not quite certain whether its correct name is Trwhmella spiralis

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fully better. Nov. 4. — Slept well ever since. Dec. 6. — No sign of

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above which point it never again rose. Immediately a de-

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is that by drainage of their breeding places, and this is a method which can

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to cold; or from long continued distension of the bladder from

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softened, and disintegrated products of inflammation are gradually

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dents; Dr. J. Williams Lord, Baltimore, secretary; Dr. Thomas

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been a good deal of discussion of late, both before the State

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nection with the University of Wisconsin, which has held

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tem, viz., within the portal vein, but more abundantl}' within the hepatic

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usually from the median, but sometimes from the radial branch of the

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tion," it will be remembered, is the triangular ligament.

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but very rarely forms hematoidin crystals. Charcot-Leyden crystals

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soundless, spasm, which does not relax till life is extinct.

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North Carolina with her pineries does not fulfill the requirement, for

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In the fall it weighed 810 pounds and was a fine, sleek-looking

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