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The meeting then adjourned to another room where ''The

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pain in the left side — coughing continually, and expectorating freely,

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Haecklii," and the world was assured, and, knowing no better,

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anodyne tincture, informing her that in a few days be would call and ab-

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estimation, it matters little to us whence or how came the disease if

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by moving the ankle alternately inward and outward ;

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various animals — from whales to spiders. In these researches he

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is smaller than normal in size, the diaphragm is usually high.

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condition is certain, but that it constitues the pathological condition ex-

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case hygienic, dietetic, and mechanical measures should be faithfully

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One of the worst cases of chronic rheumatism that the

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more carefully regulating the heat a sublimate in very small granules

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intense pain in the eyes and head. She has been under treat-

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gradually declined; became languid, ematiated; countenance and

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myself as near as might be to the times with which I was to

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quently, I have naturally been led to consider chronic

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theory of Hartley. 3. — By electricity, or a fluid analogous

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selves — use the linen thread, tie firmly and cut off

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stress — the mode of onset of the coma. "We have seen that it is rare for a

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January 21, pp. 55, 56 ; January 28, p. 84 ; February 25, p. 183).

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problem for the nation and for the afflicted individual.

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the people possible. Somehow these rustic seminaries have

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of other parts of the intestine is much rarer than that of the rectum.

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hyaline, epithelial, and coarsely granular casts, and at times also of

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bone separated from the shaft, and that was jx'rfcclly s<iuare, about ati

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celebrated Maimonides was physician to King Salahed-

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other times restoration from the sonmolent condition tool^

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Upcoming Meeting Morbidity/Mortality Conference - 8:00 am, Fort Meade VA; date to be announced; Info: Sharon Sulzbach,

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(Detroit) suggested to the essayist the change of the term

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Divisions. This affection has been variously divided according

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(2.) The condition of the urine of twenty-four hours during a

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only one large abscess or a series of small abscesses. A temporo-sphenoidal

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lengthened and distorted beyond recognition, and are often

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sary, but as a rule it is best to give an enema one hour before operation.

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of an ophthalmologist. This gentleman regarded the case as one of can-

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