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ea.sed ; instead of being an e|)ideMiic it i.s
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not so satisfactorily for a reduplication limited to the second sound. The
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slide in position and adjusting the focus, the observer,
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strong appeal to the sympathies of the doctor, whose knowledge is a
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uteri could be felt — the uterus, indeed, being drawn up and
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significantly termetl alteratives. Their immediate effects in the blood
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the prevalence of a disease which in favourable circumstances
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merce, but of late years the supply has grown smaller,
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cavity and positive pressure in the lower part, in animals held vertically
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hospital. Dr. Dillingham, the diagnostician of the Board,
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me owing to the patients being informed by their nurses or their
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radiographs or by the occurrence of bone destruction in the absence
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fully disturbed by the numerous newspaper reports of " Hospital Abuse " ; the
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progress of learning have softened the coarse vulgarities of older
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differences in the Rickettsia bodies of typhus and trench fever ? I draw
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to locate pain accurately. The onset may seem rather acute for
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a large bacillus (not Friedlander's bacillus pneumoniae).
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other patients, a boy aged 14 years and a girl aged 15 years.
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It is certainly true that the temperature of the air
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the subdural sac from contamination with blood, and to this end
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The differing activities of the bladder and ducts bear directly upon
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statistics. But they must not be accepted into the liter-
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they set up suppuration. Pyaemia most frequently occurs from
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from sexual and other excesses, with a generous amount of exercise, in
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invalid, the immediate intervention when new symptoms
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"At the time, (says Dr. Black,) when my first observations
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attention of the physician. The loosening of teeth,
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specimens, together with a concise history of each, would
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aHke to check or obviate shivering and to equalize the general

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