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2. " Sounds of the heart as if muffled."— W. 22, 4.
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nia. 12T3 pages with 23 illustrations. Philadelphia and
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times thickening of the blood and occasional slight ecchymoses under
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before the Washington County Medical Society of this state,
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tion of a litre on August 15, the expectoration decreased to only a
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ation of the right shoulder-joint, with consecutive
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there are undoubtedly auras of this description. The term, however,
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present m but small quantity; general condition much
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having taken for his own a knowledge of basic principles, he is equipped to pursue
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tate at bottom of liquefied gelatine. The liquefied gelatine shows an
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subjects ; hence a guarded prognosis should be given in all such cases,
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Gonococcus. — This organism was first described by Neisser (1879),
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strength are marked and progressive. The skin loses its elasticity and
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gence of it among the lower classes, where cleanliness is
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The diagnosis between ordinary tetanus and that form produced by strychnia,
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disease is more often met with in young and delicate females,
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contrary, not only have abundant ventilation, but the
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urine is said to become much increased in quantity.
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an unhealthy fibrin crasls. We believe the cancerous development
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which had elapsed since taking the decoction, the administration of emetics
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By means of a fountain syringe the conjunctival surfaces
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patch, with a central urticarial wheal, and the results must be
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seen by a physician, Drs. L. Mackall and C. H. A. Kleinschmidt having been
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that the occlusion of such large veins could be dependent on the coagula-
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capers, a little grated lemon peel ; add a thickening of butter
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ment is the best way yet knoAvn for the reduction of
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Borchardt believes in early operation, and he cites one case
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cin in alien Landern, im Jahre 1852. Redigirt von Pr. Scherer, Pr. Virchow,

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