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•doubtful work of the faithful assistant, whose physical limitations
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arrange at least one of the ordinary meetings so that the time
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tion due to elimination. We know that quinine can be
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by pressure upon the femoral artery, or by tightly encircling the whole
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jectile vomiting, disturbances of coordination, as cerebellar
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demic soon as a large number of children must be im-
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that the cerebral circulation is controlled mainly by the action of the vaso-
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blood. Having closed these pious labors in the character of
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and to allow no one else to use it. The water-filters should be
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arsenic produce cancer of the palms or soles, situations otherwise seldom
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of blennorrhagic vaginitis, proposed by Piery, and for which much is
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tightly together, thus lessening the flexibility. Loss of
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normal. The intestines and also the muscles along the thorax, abdomen, and
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fluid, embedded in paraffin and stained with eosin and methylene blue. The same
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is not Dr. McCourt's, but it is a most common error
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tinguished as croupal, is chiefly attributable to this element. The
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quite an independent manner, controlled, doubtless by
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is evidently a work of much care and taste, and most
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tation. Wide-sj)rcad eczema appeared even when mild irritants exerted
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do not think, however, that " Quincke's sign "' is correctly
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the variations in temperature are not a sign of infection, but
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we must, on the other, and for the same reasons, doubt its authority for
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monthly transcript of the proceedings, plus twelve copies of a
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variation, even under physiological conditions, but is usually con-
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ground where statements must be made with caution and with many
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small arteries which supply the nerve fibers themselves. This
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pentine. But these, I fear, are mere dreams of our baffled art.
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propagated over the upper left half of the thorax, but eau not be heard
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that he thought the neck was well. Ten weeks later it was
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much as it differs from all other parts, however identical
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drawer d, — it contains spare cells, of all sizes and depths. A
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self" threatens to infest him with other devils, on
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blistered in blebs and large serous exudations, which

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