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The residuum of the charcoal may be mixed with a proper proportion
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but was wholly unable to do so, although I made the attempt at different
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tive tube, upon its lining membrane. The general induction from all the facts
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sternum. He was carried to the hospital, where he presented the following
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being generally connected with central disease. These are
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such cases, but he evidently thinks more of the blood-change as
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Wright says, '^ differ from true rheumatism in the absence of
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sbe died ; a slight retom of chorea came on two days before death,
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equally distributed among the different months than is the case
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been enacted that they shall examine any person ^^ discovered
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dindinution of the pulse in several cases attains its maximum, during
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be inflated by the act of swallowing- — this is nature's
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limb preserved its heat, and the swellingr visibly diminished. On the third day
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materially to injure the respectability of the medical profession.
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a series of years, show that the mercury is confined to a range of about 40 de-
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pressing on the trachea, produced some difficulty of breathing, with cough and
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if to this be added the very close resemblance which the morbid
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the veins and arteries in the circumference of the tumour.
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of these methods seem to have yielded very fair results ; and, as
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priority. For this purpose two springs, with a fiftVs difference of
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nancy; the abdomen enlarged enormously. At the end of four
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tion, from the pen of Dr. Joy, consisting of an admirable digest on the art
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comes on the lower part of the face and, unhke sycosis,
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the lower floor. He was quite delirious and disposed to be very noisy, but
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The operaHon for piles is a minor operation, free from
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several authors who have described or given cases of this singular
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4. Introduced the pieces of glass, with the crust adhering, into a new
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and loose, and pressure caused it to sink upon the dura mater. The instru-
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sympathetic influence. The four cases on which my observations
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taken to ensure that the choleraic discharges, whether from the
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ag[ree with M. Demarquay that so obvious a lesion could have been
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tent must be supplied every day until cicatrization takes place. I have said
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Junction with general hygienic measures will usually
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far as a single observation can decide, I think the question must be
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a continuation of, the anterior lip of the os tineas: the finger could easily be passed

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