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supports, massage, and exercises would prove of little avail, but

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The committee adopts an attitude of caution regarding the possibility

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Folin and Denis* state that the methods employed by earlier

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being only 50-58. As improvement took place the pulse-rate returned to

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Eckee, E. E. , and Goldblatt, H. Thyroidectomy and parathyroidectomy

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where the cavities engaged contain a vital organ, that the extrava-

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On the day of admission the temperature was 103°, but after that did not

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between 36° and 40° C, the maximum effect being produced at this latter

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number still living; (2) for the women, the excess was 35 per cent,

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cerebrospinal fluid in lethargic encephalitis cannot be regarded as normal.

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they turn aside the attention from other principles which refer mind,

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joint only. Reflex reactions which involve all the extensor muscles of the

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arrest of mental and physical development took place, and it was not until

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The authors have collected sixty-one cases from the literature. Among

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This is an exhaustive monograph running to '228 pages and deals first

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periods the number of bacilli decreases rapidly and the discharge of bacteria

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at 37° C. for one hour dead typhoid bacilli had left the toxin unaffected.

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driving out relatively little blood. One dose of digitalin and strj'chnine

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the better. It was concluded to persevere in our efforts, to

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The boy was laid on a mattress, his head somewhat lower

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(both sides), marked thickening of the distal extremities of these bones and

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be made, but the amount of urobilin appeared to be very low. One

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When the total plasma sugar rises above a value of 5-2-5-3 gm. there is

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di emoglobinuria sperimentale. [Haematological and urological changes

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notice just before leaving home in which the same doubt arose.

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of the cerebellum, either produced experimentally, or by disease or injury.

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and leg in aortic incompetence. Brit. 31. J., 1921, i, 734-6.

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Rosenow has for some time been working on the elective localization

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The reason for its very infrequent occurrence is due to the fact that the

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remedy doubtless, from the pathology of the disease which

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