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How To Taper Of Celexa

to keep any effluvia from decay arising to the surface.
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In connection with the subject of unlicensed commerce, I must notice an argu-
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not know exactly, but in any case it was for so brief a period that
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equally great. He says nothing is equal to it. ''The veiy
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Breschet ; for while the first of these concerned the capillaries, and
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begin to expel these membranes afterwards, and cites a case from
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2 or 3 children and compelled to take care of them and to do
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tinued and patient frequently showed focal reactions in the left
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was probable that the uterus was in many cases '^ the source of that
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quently extended to Scotland and Ireland. Dr. Schleisner
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nephthalein output less than 15 per cent., the renal organs may
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W. OaLB, M.D., F.R.C.P., Physician and Lecturer on Pathology, St.
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until the healthy nutrition of the parts has been restored ; and
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cording to some, be in the neighbourhood of those parts which Dr.
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teric vein of dogs, and found that albuminuria follows just as
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disorders of the optic nerve and retina ; when we add to these the
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We now come to the second of the trio— that in which the very
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after momentarily agitating the world, pass away, leaving mankind a prey to per-
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concealed pregnancy, and fourthly, the heart-affection. The case
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spring, and rais<d up children stronir and healthy, — an honor to God in mind and
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than that which results from the delicacy and tenuity of the
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from this exercise to many persons suffering languor, and bodily ami mental
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let it run long. Many persons have bled to death in a very few minutes from a rup-
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up by degrees. These new epithelial cells are as transparent as t^
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an Indians have as easy delivery as those of the Central and South Ameri-
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to hirn fountains of exquisite enjoyment. "Why should she detract from her charms?
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Pathology, and Treatment. By G. Harley, M.D,, P.R.S.
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There is an excellent description of the Bertillon system, toxic phenomena, and a full exposition
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Tyi>f, Founders axd Ktkueotypers havo also unhealthy employments. The
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mends epilation in addition to the use of the carbolic add, and he
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the surfiioe, as the rete Malpighii is approached, they become
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