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the cases will appear more striking after hearing Dr. Williams's report of the

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extirpation. t Murchison has given three cases where multiple fatty

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and by being inspired with the air fixed their situation on the

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of the production of polypus of the larynx. JM. Ehrmann reports several in-

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adds to the sutFerings of the patient. The sleep which is obtained is imper-

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confounded with paralysis agitans. There are, in fact, records of two cases

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against myocardial dysfunction after ischemia and reperfusion by

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officer alone exerts any power of selection; ministers of every

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ulcer at every point, the same membrane lining the nose and

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to me well worth while to explain as far as possible

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Hiilluciiiation Peculiar to Chronic Alcoholism.. 222

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Including a Hand-Book of Special Bacteriologic Diagnosis. By PROF.

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the Council pas.sed the resolution of ])r. Bennett, tlicy were

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Compt. rend. Soc. de biol.. Par., 1892, 9. s., iv, 554.

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self reheved. We ordered the medicine to be continued, giving a

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There are no restrictions imposed as to the residence

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most important is Haffkine's plague prophylactic, prepared by

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an effort is being made to have such a law passed by the

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r fS mainly to the larynx, a small must.^d P-**- ;- f ^^^^^

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The apparently never-ceasing mill continues to grind out

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of consciousness for an instant, or for a few moments only. Frequently,

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regard to the use of alcohol, for the reason that while they

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