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dish. Another parcel, invoiced as boots, revealed a pair of ladies'
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Secondly, the virtues of Sarsaparilla are exceedingly volatile, and are soon impaired by age ;
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cessive grades or stages of the phlogistic disease, and the general
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addressed exclusively to the publishers, Messrs. Blanchard & Lea.
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excluded from school attendance; therefore, be sure
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and an enema of strong hot cofifee the pulse began slowly to return, but
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Dr. Cherry : I want to mention a case to illustrate what often occurs
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of assisting him in May, 1889. There is no doubt that owing
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butchers preserve the blood of the slaughtered animals in
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The opacity may be seated in the lens itself, or in its capsule,
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nature, we must try something more effective than the cynic's
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the internal and middle tunics, the external coat becomes
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in the sebaceous glands, and so, as it were, cast in a mould, taking
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had been kept up until the lives of the patients were sacrificed.
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Gm.) four times a day, to 15 grains (1 Gm.) three times a
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panites is wanting, or is, at least, partial, and the fever is more moder-
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and then forward and downward until it emerges into the
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of the sphincter ani being unrepaired. She was a sufferer

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