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Cass, W. C, M.R.C.S.E., has been appointed an Honorary Medical Officer
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criticised pointedly and humorously. Ellis concludes that
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turn, every four or six hours until from one hundred to
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ficer in civil as well as military life, and with a profes-
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Causes which Modify the Intensity of Radiant Heat. — -
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the sidewalks were covered with ice so that he could
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his admission into my wards. There was no other symptom to be noticed excepting
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gator had found dilatation of the stomach (an index to the con-
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both he and the spectators, think, and report, it, a successful case. Btfi
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The blood.— Dr. A. M. Stober, resident pathologist of the hospital, exam-
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to direct attention to these changes as criteria for the administration of
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of the axillary vessels. If we compare the pelvis with the
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sistance, and we determined to prevent the supervention of the cerebral
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other case, that of E. C, is described in the Gynaecological
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fixed. The left ovary was normal. Severe tenderness
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no general convulsions, or paralysis. Before death the pulse ceased to
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character. Of these fright is by far the most common.
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^g^nient rntwnfn should br eniploxed if marked gastric irritability prohibits
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deep muscles of the back. These muscles are excited to

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