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middle turbinals. All his cases had been either cured or relieved of foetor

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ffmaies ; cM&ri^ paribus^ a fer less number of females than

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much about his condition and continued his usual work of farming. Pa-

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the valleys more than the mountain-tops. Thus it is,

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Kain on March 10th, 15th, and 31st ; snow on March 12th,

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It appeared to us that there was one way in which the question

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affections are due to malaria. They are simply accompanied by pbeno*

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tint, and to leave temporary pigmentation. Rarely cases are met with

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.the axis of the uterus, the axis of the force of labour is brought

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The pulse in relapsing fever is very rapid, and^on the whole the

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tions. In its advanced stage the disease is practically

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probably as much by rendering wounds unfavorable to its development

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defiant of reason. His actions during this stage are impulsive, blind,

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* Having been censured by some of the surg:eons of the villag'e,

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no longer possible because they are already tuberculous ?

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resultfii he obtained were transferred to the Materia Medix,<i*

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February 24-26— 17th Annual New Mexico Thoracic Society Lung

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tues of this valuable Oil are truly one of the greatest discoveries of the age. Con-

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Under the second division, of specific remedies for sci'ofula, we must

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hospital, and that no part of the real or personal property

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ous, but is developed at certain insulated points." Yelpeau has

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off well to one side, or is doubled, the twist becomes

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tesuscitated, as well as from experiments performed by persons upon themselves,

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of the ordinary exanthemata. He had never been tongue-tied. I

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flex the thigh upon the body, then ask the patient to extend the limb.

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ticated as xeroderma pigmentosum. It is the commencing atrophy

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terms having a similar application ; and in indicating their

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has been derived from it. Formerly paralytic deformi-

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abscesses, if stationary or advancing, should be dealt with

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amount of secretion is diminished, its specific gravity raised, and its colour

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should be attached to these agents as the cause of this form of

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to explain the not infrequent existence of obstruction, notwithstanding the

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