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a number of other States in its requirements for en-

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pigments produce precipitates after being added to the urine, so that the sediment

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There are present over the thorax of apparently normal

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test to more than one case in which they have sat all

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tiie patient has rallied sutBciently to justify it. If in

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lar, and apparently denuded of epithelium. The mucous surlaoe had

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gynecological practice it is the custom to keep female

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Investigation of our records shows that the majority of growths mys-

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This fact may serve in a few cases as a distinguishing feature; but

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trations of the Intestinal Parasites, and we will send them free -to any

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M. Allen Starr, Charles L. Dana, and C. A. Herter, to

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been got ritl of completely, the stomach is quite free from its central

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ness, and has thus led to a great deal of direct and indirect mischief.

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and physicians. Dr. Bullock examined her genitals and found an hyper-

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quently may not permit as satisfactory an execution of the dental

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portions of the city — before it becomes generally distributed (thus in

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Writing in 1902, a learned physician feels compelled

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have so far been recorded. According to Kraske's advice,

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pessaries that to-day might be mistaken for horseshoes.

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diameter. This is the most favorable form of casts,

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the Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness

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1954. Sampson, Martin C, Wallace Laboratories, Cranbury, N. J.

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some investigations respecting the vascular distribution in the kidneys, as

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gradually lost strength until about 11 p.m., when she

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performance, anxiety, fear, dysphoria, dizziness, psychic dependence, mood changes

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has grown old in his profession and who will probably

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this parasite, it is not quite certain whether its correct name is Trwhmella spiralis

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In another form of anthrax without external tumours, the

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In the last dog experimented on by Professor Bruecke, the contractions of the

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For this purpose it is generally necessary that the action of the irritants

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very welL Its head is very large, and it has had a cough ever

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muscular rigidity rather than a true weakness of the muscles ; there are,

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necessary to interfere. Valuable animals may be treated on the

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McCarten, Stillwater; Dr. C. L. Roholt, Waverly; Dr.

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Waxy degeneration of the kidney associated with Bright's disease is

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