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Health Services, Division of Health, Dept, of Health and

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incision over this and found plenty of *pus of very bad odor, which

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the middle of the colon upwards from the rectum ; (3.) The

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The experiments of others show that the bacilli are not always

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New Method of Sterilization and Bacteriological Prov-

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In a young man of twenty-four years of age the secondary complications were slight,

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replenishment would probably give very different results from an

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relations between the external surface of the skull and the prin-

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over 90 cases proved to have traces of alcoholism in

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this substance: 1. The medical and obstetrical property of this ergot is as in-

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In giving drenches to cattle the operator stands on their

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he has had many remissions of fibrillation, with subsequent

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agent of the company ; the insured, or the person who is to be made

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tion in the epiphysis is much retarded (the hypoplastic form, the true achon-

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pregnancy will reveal itself during the pregnancy by recognizable

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suf&ce it that warmth has a soothing effect upon a part to which

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origin, and to the fact that its gravity was often underrated at its com-

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ing patients was 1,778, the number paying part of the time

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of the uterus or annexa. On two or three occasions there

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seen any ill effects, no matter how long they were continued.

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stomach. Examination of his urine gives, chemically,

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the existence of a hematogenic icterus is positively denied, especially

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be delayed on this account if there be a liability to exposure to smallpox.

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right side of the face, whilst the left side of the face was paralysed,

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and fourth fingers have phalanges common to them, the first

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It was first described by Onimus in 1875 and called by him mal telegraph-

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spired that the men were without food all the time — eleven

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it was advised and not on account of suffering, and who

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sobbing, you will see that there is a point where his respira-

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existing astigmatism. After the astigmatism is fitted, it is

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the intussusception he advised a laparotomy, and telephoned me. The

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