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hips and abdomen by straightening the back. This will cau^ the
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institutions at St. Gall, Basel, .\arau, Ziirich were not affected by influenza, in spite
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end simply because the appearances of inflammation in the iris and the
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Before the operation the walls and furniture should be wiped with a
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ple, they are unreliable as a measure of the health of the
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2. The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal; exhibiting a concise
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deepen the anaesthesia and carefully avoid traction, save in the in-
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and is entirely independent of what they are pleased to consider
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be spoken here to-night. Upon us rests the great responsibility
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tra-uteriue irrigators and double-current apparatuses
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summary of remedies that had lieen vainly tried in his
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the valleys more than the mountain-tops. Thus it is,
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Roma, 1898, viii, 453.— Bussell (J. F.) The composition
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With the exceptions I have mentioned very little has been
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sion is Rotch's modification of the cardiohepatic angle. Very important
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Case IX. — Zelinda Brus eight years old, of delicate
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ment-fixation test is that prepared by drying the washed organisms,
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they are or not, but should include also all the lymphatic
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Spratling cites cases showing great variation in the frequency
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and indicated by heat and dryness of surface, quickened pulse, pains in the
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In the severe forms, though sodium salicylate does not usually
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(when I first svispected the hereditarily syphilitic character
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sixty grains of ipecacuanha often give marked relief.
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are common results of habitual intemperance. In the brain, its
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• A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Medicine, Philadelphia, 1868.
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origin — viz., the crural type, where the convulsive attack commences in
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in four rupture of the vermiform a])pendix of the oeeum, in one case frsc-
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one to hold Dr. Lerser responsible ? Does he not seem to be turn-
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joints of fingers and "has gone from his toes to his shoulders." The
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Another specimen was injected from the heart and a section,
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tor of the Augusta Hospital, etc. Authorized Translation from
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their cultures into animal tissues. These researches,
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It appears, from cases collected by Dr. Klein, that fractures of the skull j
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plays on the evolution of infection. These experimenters constructed
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sage combined form the two most valuable means of artificial mus-

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