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easily accessible parts of a human cadaver. Scanty as were

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from the mucous membrane of the air-passages is dependent, in a

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The blood.— Dr. A. M. Stober, resident pathologist of the hospital, exam-

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cent., on the sheath] and in the meatus, each five per

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will never appear. I have had occasion to operate on a large goitre in

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Medicijice, published at London in 1671. As I shall refer to

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proved by the fact that albuminuria seldom complicated

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ment, and possibly over-development, of lymphatic vessels forms an im-

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in spirals to any amount, and movement in either direction has

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Reference has been made, thus far, to a mitral murmur only as evidence

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mechanical or other causes, being prevented from flowing through the

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the organism, through which nearly all the solid and liquid ma-

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same purpose, and in 1905 the Wayne County Medical Association approved creation of a

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pation more rarely occurs, and we also avoid in this

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dition. Of course, electricity has not been omitted. With

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parently granular sublimate, differing in no respect from that

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change. The mistaking of appendicular colic for per-

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the eye alone, and without guiding its course by the

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Billings says that in 1876 he inoculated a piece of

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cially in children by the pressure of the stethoscope.

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traction of the ventricles, the right one throws its venous blood

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imrecognizable. Early the acini are not involved; later they, as

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are spoken of as latent powers, or features, and account for

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total basicity may be determined, because the moment when free acid appears,

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