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The patellar reflex, or the " knee phenomenon/' consists in a

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bral be blocked, the nutrition of the whole region to which it is dis-

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Haddow Mitchell, Edinburgh ; Frederick James Duncan Cass, Edin-

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of body to be 16 inches gauge, best quality sheet steel.

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sponded with this spot. On tapping the cyst about eight pints of fluid were drawn

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There are present over the thorax of apparently normal

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symptoms were carefully studied by Charcot, Paul Richer, and

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Demonstralot of Microscopical Histology and Assistant to the Chair of Clinical Diseases of the Nervous

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the pregnancy, which, after such expulsion, breathes or

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deep-seated, scattered, perhaps surrounded Its onset may be gradual or sudden, accord-

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profession by making the statement that all articular

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is a part. Two examples may be given : the onset of tuberculous

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on the anterior side of the oesophagus, and had made suflB-

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alternatives, the estimates of the effects of alternatives,

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uniform and effectual by equalizing the force of the

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This had to be repeated every day in order to keep the patient from

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the organ aflFected may have been influenced by a morbid or func-

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attachment, most frequently in the immediate vicinity of

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that in this way the unfavorable results so frequently chronicled

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Society was held at Hampton, Iowa, April 11, and the follow-

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jointly or individually the synovial membrane, bursse, or joints. Cave

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ends either in very severe catarrhal laryngitis or in an ulcerative form.

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