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genial giant, known by his intimates as "Tom-Tom," but otherwise spoken

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the head of the pancreas. In our experience it is extremely

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large sponge of suitable size had been more useful ; but he now

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cal signs; affections of the brain, unaccompanied by ac-

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the pathogenic microorganisms are devoid of the power of producing

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which the pancreas had been entirely removed no fats

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not superficially since the cutaneous excitability always renders the

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A, B, C, and D represent Class I, namely, the parenchymatous

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much repetition and take us also beyond my time-limit.

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inches over the parietal bone. The wound, which appeared to have

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administration of SPARINE is not painful and does not

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especially adapted for the Diarrhoea and Vomiting of

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controlled. If the attack does not appear or is controlled, the dose should

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of pictures and statues upon pregnant women was made,

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explanation is based solely on an unconfirmed surmise, and

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Fig. 5. — Obtained immediately after Figure 4, and with German silver elec-

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beneficial because they promote healthy nutrition. They facili-

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the uterus or its appendages. Other causative factors

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of the conjunctiva, and is not infiltrated deeply into the

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recurrence after yielding to my urgent advice to move into

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pseudo-membranous inflammations and general toxaemia.

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a cumulative effect, like digitalis, and great care is neces-

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In a full tub bath respiration is more diflficult, be-

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but not very significant name of bilious, is said to find, very often, relief

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York law and the defendant here may have had reason

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the dominating factor in all of these diseases. It will be found, therefore,

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