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Stone, Ivcmoval of, from the Peritoneal Cavity of a Man, .

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taining to this disease. One patient is spoken of as indulging in

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out in the diverse experiments in which there has been an attempt to

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were maintained for a few days, during which the patient's condition

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of the sacrum ; with the joint at C, the blade D can be

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occupation, parents both alive, nervous, but not invalids. One cousin

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methods by which an excess of a normal or the presence of an abnormal product

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'the blood than that excreted in the urine. It ia well known that so-called

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1886, no. 41, 80-87. — Werther. Die Epilepsie nnd ihre

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now made familiar to medical students by the experiment of dividing the

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At the last meeting of the Medical and Chirurgical So-

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be relied upon, viz., hyoscyamus, belladonna, and aconite. From its'action

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yaka yabo 1500. Ngaphambi kokuba bafike kulomhlaba wakaNgwane,


ing greatly increased. A full-sized pliable urethral bougie was the only instru-

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papers were read and discussed, and the meeting was re-

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and from the opinion of Bennett, already quoted, that acid

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vessels, especially those induced by hydrannia. Dropsies due to the first of

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This society at its last annual meeting adopted, by unanimous vote, the following

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derangement of the digestive organs, impaired appetite, thirst,

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this hernia, he found at another post-mortem examination in a

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of water down to a quart. It also makes a useful wash in

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Late Assistant Ophthalmic Surgeon to the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.

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are diseased. Accordingly German writers now designate the affection as

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his practice by any honorable means, i.e., in this case to

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and detailed investigation, such as had not, he thought, been undertaken

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that where the operation was quick, and the viscera kept

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ordinary explanation of the function of the aiu-icles,

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Byrne and A. J. C. Skene, of Brooklyn ; H. P. C. Wilson and W. T. How-

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