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has been soaking for some minutes in the boric-acid solu-

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physicians, not over a dose of medicine, but over the

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usually employed by irrigation instead of enema. The most common

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crucible on a water-bath, and the residue dried and weighed ;

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of a mode of prevention, answering fully the expectation of its

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was left in. The drainage-tube came away two days later. The

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J. W. Hill, in an article on Typhoid Fever in American Cities, pub-

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stitial development of fibroid tissue, partly of overgrowth of the glandular

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Nelson Mundy, M. D., formerly Professor of Physical Diagnosis,

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of position and motion of the shoulder as governed by one

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examination, prescribed a gargle of "pepper tea" saying it would soon

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rubeola, and scarlatina ? M. Simonet replied that a geographical progress has

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Questions of the susceptibility of animals to the infec-

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day he sent for a physician, who made an unsuccessful attempt to reduce

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wliere they find facilities for pursuing their studies and experi-

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of displacement. When the bone is broken between the coraco -clavicular liga-

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such as it was my habit to make, could be Ijronght to recollect having

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series of Practical Medicine and of '"^^'S- Certain somatic cells become aged

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and the result in 3 cases unknown. Or the foreign body, having been

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ject, M. Phisalix states that when a dog is inoculated sub-

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as he had been and his friends feared that he had sleeping-sickness.

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never neglect the precaution of placing the evacuation where there

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International Congress, the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hyp-

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of those attending.) Social pediatrics is also becoming more and more

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•elonged; this is commonly all that is expected from a medical witness.

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cavity than of serofibrinous exudates. The finding of other or-

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stomach problems and mestinon

adduced, but certain similarities between the thrombotic lesions of

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attitudes towards the current costs, quality, and availability

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Dr. Ferguson asked Dr. Ripley if he had noticed any

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present. As icteric urine often becomes colored on standing in the air, one must

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required to certify that they believe themselves free from any

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effect. The tumour, in its development, raises the diaphragm and dis-

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(a.) The active. (5.) The passive, due to venous stasis.

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