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found completely anaemic, and often it was impossible to collect a few

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increase of size. The enlargement may be determined by percussion, and

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rated from the uterus over an area of about three inches

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Average 228.62 10458.27 4289.51 4.52 87.34 27.67 547.96 15.06 114.66 74.46 40.01

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extremities, and chest; and, although the mustard-plasters caused vivid red-

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Mr. T. Bateman reports that the rainfall at The Green, Malahide,

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horns of the gray matter in the cord ; it is transmitted

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it was very doubtful whether the body of the child had bee, in the pan at all.

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told me in a very reproachful manner the placenta had just come away.

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Assistant Physician, Philadelphia Hospital; Assistant Neuro-

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smaller tropho- and kinetonuclei, and in the myonemes not being arranged

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noticed any disturbance of vision, nor has she vom-

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good contractions during a pain. Inversion is impossible by


who were not good subjects for anesthesia. With the electric

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producing inflammation of one or both the mammae, which, if not

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The government must formally recognize its health prob-

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M.D. Lloyd Seeley, M.D. Rufua Blakeman, M.D. Ambrose Beards-

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nasal cavity with absorbent-cotton pledgets, squeezed

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P. I., and will report to the commanding general, department

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thesia, by the new, six minutes. By the old method, 16 ยง of

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care is taken to inform the profession of reliable drugs after careful

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had followed the use of Scott's dressing, which was made of one

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loud cardiac murmurs. The treatment of the condition con-

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Great Portland-street, 2 p.m.; Royal Free, 2 p.m.; Royal London

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cent.) cases ; V. = \% in six (7-5 per cent.) cases ; Y.

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or a groan, as the patient falls with the con- pect, it is very interesting,

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disease is of so trivial a character, and is so completely

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subcutaneously twice daily was ordered. This was continued until April 25. The

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third letter on the subject of Bordier's conviction we have

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that the separateness and special work of the will are perceived. Stupor

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small gasoline engine-generator set to generate electricity, a moving

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not come first on the face, as that of measles does, but begins on the

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rapidly loses its carbolic acid that it must have been quite

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obstructed respiration so much that they were punctured, and

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