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relieve the conditions, and injections of sodium bicar-
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Incidence of B. influenzce in Convalescents and in Normal Individuals.
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and delivered an address to a large audience of ladies and
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phenomenon. With regard to the second case, lie wished to iioint out its
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and thus make more easy the securing of the branches of the obturator
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face and upper extremities, and they may be limited to these parts. Par-
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skull, which application was refused. Strong ideas are entertained about
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Eau de Bouquet de Flore. 1. Honey water 2 oz., tincture
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is split up into its component parts (according to Paterson).
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Ectopic (Jestation, by Dr. L. H. Dunning, of Indianapolis;
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which causes more disagreeable symptoms to the patient, the tired
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presence of the periuterine masses so commonly met i
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appears here, concludes the subject. It represents the substance
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chambers, especially of that area covering the septal tubercle,
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peroxides would be represented by CI. OH, in which CI corresponds to RO. The
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cervicale suprenuim to the affected nerve-territory. —
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1. Excision of wound and suture. — Of these there were
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and comprehensive form. Dr. Otis's book is primarily
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during attacks the patient always turned on her left side.
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under a condition no more onerous than that of sleep-
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discharge of pus becoming less day by day. On the third day
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Nf.i-roma and Nf.i-rokibromatosis. By Alexis Thomson,
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neutral or slightly alkaline, of a specific gravity between 1007 and 1015;
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would generally make a good business man, did he at-
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Synonym. — Hydrargyri perchloridum, B. P.; hydrargy-
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ance. Moreover, as regards those dread contagious diseases which
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General of the State and President of the Ohio State Medical
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able initial response of proliferative diabetic retinopathy to panretinal
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universal. There are, therefore, two elementary cellular structures in
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pathologic forms.] Gydgydszat, Budapest, 1887, xxvii,
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may be ignored as far as the treatment is concerned.
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The pathological changes seen in the still-born infant in the first half
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cases, one cannot but remark how many of them were due
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But it is obvious, though Cohnheim does not seem to think so, that such
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the joint became more swollen, more discoloured, and more sensitive
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simple cold applications and washes, to electricity. For sixteen
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and a greater margin of safety during phacoemulsification.

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