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brought by pilgrims for burial.'^ lie also states that both

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large percentage of these rays. The light is so intense it is impossible

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Fellowship, National Masonic Medical Research Foundation;

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outside the body is apparent, since the bacillus can be

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Such was the condition presented by the interior of the larynx during

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intention of the givers or the best judgment of the

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Valvular murmurs may arise at any valve when the blood-current,

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examination with the ophthalmoscope showed double optic neuritis with more

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temperate climes is shown by the examples, already quoted, of two

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Physicians understand very well that they get better resqlts

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with any ]>.iin. The urine, like llic entire skin of the

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8 Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. xxxvi, p. 338.

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orable to the development of its destructive power, not

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cies, that we may be able to resist morbific influ-

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most of the symptoms of general pseudo-paralysis. These troubles may

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The result was a fracture of the thigh at the junction

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recent investigations the Sumerians were the first occu-

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the pregnancy, which, after such expulsion, breathes or

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The union with the sternum is cartilaginous. The first rib is short

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excellent facilities to advertisers of books, drugs, instruments,

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discrepancy can be no coincidence — whether it depends upon the

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they resemble in size, shape, and general appearance.

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