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where respiration was yesterday null, a pretty distinct crepi-

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anginal seizures, I have known him have free haemoptysis, complete

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that the heart should be carefully examined daily. The younger

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laboring in consequence of the stasis on the venous side, and lack of

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„ „ , . r r ■ ■ "g them from entameba coli.

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cool, reduce them to powder. About \ oz. to 1 oz. is boiled

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would be equivalent to throwing away all the food produced by a

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probably add four to six percent to the cost of any health

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guilty of insubordination and disobedience, and asked for

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Provision for the Salaries of Chinese Doctors in Hospitals. —

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percentage index, may give rise to erroneous conclusions; as a

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light still applied, you would see them dilate again,

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red, then apply the ointment. It should be used daily, or

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Roberson, Geo. B., Greensboro, Med. Coll. of S. C, 1915 1915 1917

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and there must have been many of them, who lived and labored

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of the brain, accompanying dementia paralytica, are often present.

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each hand, pick out particles of the purulent mucous and place upon a

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organism. The Wassermann test is also negative. The disease seems much more

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lieved the meeting was very worthwhile and a report is

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the cfECum, and later into the colon, and have a great tendency to

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the decussation of its fibers, excitation of the cortical mo-

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in hospital practice, my attention was called to a patient who had been

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exercise is theoretically prejudicial to the phthisical suffering from septi-

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swollen throughout her belly and legs. When first seen by Dr. R., some nine

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clined to doubt the existence of this condition except

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