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infection in the form of a more or less distinct disease or as a terminal
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sions : 1. The extracts of the muscles contain thermogenic substances, while
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other counties, the proportion there being only. 1 in 14267,
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These men receive their training in the San Carlos College,
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Herald, Louisville, lS86-7,viii, 333-337.— Cappellari (L.)
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well have been treated at home, got the consent of the Local Government
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to follow upon irritation of the sympathetics ; and Brown-Sequard
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they being generally associated with vesico-papules, vesicles, or erj^-
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obliquity first appeared when he was twenty years of age,
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and fetid intestinal extravasation. This was feebly con-
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A. a. HoUenbeck, M.D., University Medical College of
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tends to diminish int^^rmarriage and to cause more change of popula-
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pedient will suffice for a cut finger, it might be inapplicable to
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digestion and rich in proteine, such as oats, good hay, barley, peas, tares,
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due to the inability of the mucous membrane to perform
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"The style is n<'at and condensed; the thouehts and
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would here add a special warning lest mucous casts or shreds or vegetable
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a rather ndld fever, Avhich lasts about four weeks. I
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Section 2. Every person who has been granted a Physicians license or
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but little benefit ; hence, in most cases, there is little to do but have
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than the other two conditions I have mentioned, since it
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they open and shut their flowers, and turn their leaves to the sun, even
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distended, but not tender. Cotton batting lightened and bandage
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