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mistaken it for primary meningitis if the more or less tardy appearance of the
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the carbon dioxid tension in the alveolar air was quite high. Acetone
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Protok. Omsk. med. Obsh., 1893-4, xi, 113.— I..eszynsky
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Dr. Roget, of London, relates another case of a similar kind.
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of both Davis and Sayres, he has invented a new apparatus, which is
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torial comment on diphtheria antitoxin, you very prop-
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lake to have retreated at the same rate before the Roman period, the pile-works
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rable quantity of blood, after which, the protrusion of the right eye
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whose behalf" a consulfation is to be held, that when
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death rate from 1882 to 1902 was reduced from 142 to 17 per 100,000.
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quantity of air necessary for the life processes of the organisms; (c) The
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from exhaustion in two weeks. There was no autopsy,
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out occasioning, in the examination, any undue amount of irritation.
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of transfusion may be required. If preliminary tests are made to exclude
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Water (5900 c.c. of water p.M- day) 4 7^3 840 V .5530 1.81 }■ 11.19
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lation of milk were based on an observation by Fremy (4) to the
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able. Being black, these substances cannot be given with
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by different infants. Some needed a number of calories decidedly above
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the color of the sputum being due to its admixture with dust. No rftles in any pUce in
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tions so as to produce general and indefinite variations
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insane. For the salaries now paid, persons competent for

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