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Eeferring to Dr. O'Farrell's remarks he said that it struck
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small intestine. No trace of ptritonitic bands could be
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the most visionary and reckless theorist in future gains and
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microscopic appearances are shown in the accompanying
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diminished capacity of the bladder, what are the available resources of treat-
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fore being boiled, the water being frequently changed to get
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With regard to the site of crossing of the fibres to the
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and 25 in 1871 to 9-9 per 10,000 living between the
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or for the cure or relief of any wound, fracture, or bodily
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gested, and serum was effused in large quantity in the sub-arachnoidean spaces, at the
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" We have," remarks Dr. S., " about two hundred students from a distance.
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he was fat and could stand, but was small. He seemed to lose power in
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a man to keep his attention steadily fixed on any one
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so that it may be found to be more widely distributed than it was formerly thought
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pain in the groins, hypochondria, and left side of the pelvis. On
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the report of this investigation, founded upon an im-
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time, who has such a multitude of branches and topics to learn
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morning, at eight o'clock, assisted by Dr. Mannix, I operated.
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abdominal muscles, which is one of the diagnostic symptoms of peritoni-
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occurs in those who have before experienced it. In all cases of varioloid,
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The Boston alms house is a spacious well constructed edifice,
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Adam — ' stop, stop ! que songez vous faire ? Vat madness is zees ? You

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