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occlusion of the middle cerebral artery and its branches. If the artery
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So varied are the clinical manifestations of disseminate sclerosis that
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right hand would perform the same movements. They were
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summary of remedies that had lieen vainly tried in his
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Dyer's remarks, lor jHacid reatX _fiaccid. On page 215, first column,
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exteriorly. In reality, however, it is founded upon a
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Rheumatism. Rare forms of gout and rheura.itism, Grant, <J. A..
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by ovarian cyst, 280; double femoral, 424; femoral,
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garded as curative. It is believed to be, however, the
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teachers or teachers of wide experience. The reports for the
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h i- ,.li\i, ,!,,-. vhrr^for-, in -luli ^ in iim-t.nn e- the head is
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medicine, in the acquirement of professional knowledge, according to the cur-
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A pharmaceutical manufacturer in New York city, largely engaged with Pepsin,
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abandoned only a few years ago. The use of ivory slips or "points"
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to a great extent upon the mechanical effect of deep and full inspira-
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men received their degree of M. D. hi course, and Shirly
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1000. Had it not been for the fatal exposure of certain vessels
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viduality, it is desirable to consider in this work. Distinct species of fever,
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the glandular epithelium and its atypical growth in the
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iodide of potassium (Furthmeyer, Bass, De Jong, Nocard, Oster-
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This fact is taken advantage of by the natives, who are
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technic of transfusion it is concluded that the vascular
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their primitive position of the particles of the muscle, that the contraction seems to be per-
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