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jugular pulse tracings obtained there were many instances of
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in ostracising any one, however learned tt and accomplished, who has bold-
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mirable remedy in cases of the kind now under consideration, yet you
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lowed by such consequences : second, one is easily car-
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in four rupture of the vermiform a])pendix of the oeeum, in one case frsc-
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culating system possesses, like the mucous tissue, " a great
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are less common, and recovery often occurs even from extreme states.
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applied, is not necessarily small, but is often in-
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not time that those of you who know better should take
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210 pounds of steam, which can pump water at a maximum
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other, and would therefore seem to deserve so much more to
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the paper a very good and timely one, and certainly on a very impor-
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separation of large scales of bone from two, they have be-
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Surg., Pbila., 1899, xxix, 449-454.— Jones {C.N. D.) Con-
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"The only recorded recoveries after gun-shot fracture of the femur
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people know, that puerperal fever b a preventable disease, still it does exist, and
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of which is so determined that this solution is the
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It will be noticed that of the thirteen deaths, which came
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of the stenosis are very often wanting, and the diagnosis is rendered cor-
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also believes emetin to be of distinct diagnostic value on account of the
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the breathing became regular, though very slow; but other changes there
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body has passed in the water, with the time of the suspected birth.
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in every instance. It would appear, therefore, that two-
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session of a break, into which they should put their young
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in the nerve centres is not very frequent. In 1,085 cases of syphilitic
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which said "Yes." The queer thing that I could not make
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case quoted in the ' Lancet' (Aug. 23, 1851, p. 177), a child born at six months

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