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a Pasteur-Chamberland F bougie. The filtrate was collected in

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with the worst cases of epidemic puerperal peritonitis, without even the

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analogous to that set up by the application of potassa

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areata and ringworm of the scalp has not been proved ; so

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creatinine estimation, a great amount of research has been

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causing malignant cell proliferation is looked on as being

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May be (1) Local, where, for example, an artery is involved in

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The hearing in both ears was so far impaired that a

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visitors en masse, and often the two C children and Nancy H used to

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But this is a provision of nature to prevent tiie mean

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opposite to a clamp used for holding artificial teeth in

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obtain drops of distilled water (of a temperature of

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takes place to any considerable extent during the course of the experiment.

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tion of a litre on August 15, the expectoration decreased to only a

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tra-nutrition of the sclerosed lateral columns, with resto-

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make the issue of portability of health insurance a priority

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not having acted as he did. On one point this case suggests a caution to

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short to be clear. Much practical advice is noticed throughout,

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Owing to the difficulty in diagnosis, the management of the cases

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Patients who continually harbor the influenza bacillus in some part

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ments been followed by greater social contentment and that

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Lannois has used sodium cacodylate in treatment of chorea,

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sists in subperiosteally resecting a number of ribs by separate

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of one area must be distinguislied ^vom indirect local symptoms due to

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