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the most important physical agents ; but as it is yet so uncertain
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rise to " cold abscesses," which are surrounded by very soft
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complete, occurs. Some, the hematozoa, apparently, in part, at
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prudent and humane, and Marjolin more profound, — there was none who
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examination the witness said that when the defendant
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the lips, cheek, and cliin, included in the area outlined above the lower margin
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— When roused can stand, but cannot walk, and falls over ; gasping.
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uterus which we watched from three to five years preceding the menopause,
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Medical Repository, briefly and practically illustrate this
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Thomas Sigertwood, M.D., Deputv Sueeon, bv Sir Sydney
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amount lost from the body in the period can be calculated by multiplying
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Unconsciousness : according to the severity ; the sensibility is also
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ternate doses, half a drachm to a drachm of chloric ether.
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Sthenic Pneumonia left without Treatme7U, iaured especially by the thermometer and
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to be that the infection comes by way of the air passsages. Pulmo-
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This is the first of a series of reports to be pub-
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Other contributors to the literature of endorhinoscopy are
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patient died of secondary hemorrhage on the 26th day.
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stimulant sudorifics— if required, with a dose of rhubarb.
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children, and especially during dentition. Thomas says that he has several
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or two of those text-books from which most of the older men
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tory or nervous irritability of the intestinal canal; or from the presence
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emetic of ipecacuanha, which not only vomited but appeared also to
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in the new-born, and I have seen no example of it. In early life
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Here was a young boy beginning life. The sight of both eyes meant all and
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8. If an embolus arises from the mitral valve where
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several indications for amputation in severe projectile
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the internal and middle tunics, the external coat becomes
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matory affections, in consequence of the relations of the former to the
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